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Long-lasting high molecular weight non cross-linked hyaluronic acid biorevitalising mesotherapy


Our innovation

Conservation of the molecular weight and its characteristics throughout the manufacturing process

Who are we ?


ToskaniMed is a medical division that belongs to its parent brand: TOSKANI.

We are a pharmaceutical company with more than 30 years of experience, specialised in medical devices and pharmaceutical-quality cosmetics. All of our innovations and developments are based on 4 pillars: high quality, efficacy, technology and safety.

These values are translated into our products and protocols, which are 100% designed for professional medical treatments.


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5. Asseptic media fill process

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8. El aumento de la superficie de contacto entre los reactivos (sustancias molidas o disueltas) incrementa la velocidad de reacción.

You are accessing a website where you will find information and treatments exclusively addressed to medical professionals.