Long-lasting high molecular weight non cross-linked hyaluronic acid biorevitalising mesotherapy



Long-lasting high molecular weight non cross-linked hyaluronic acid biorevitalising mesotherapy

Revitalise your skin

Prevent the first signs of skin ageing

Prevent the first signs of ageing with skin biorevitalisation. TKN HA 3 is a hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 3,000 kDa. Same molecular weight as the physiological hyaluronic acid found in the dermis: 3,000 kDa[5].

Why is hyaluronic acid in the skin so important?

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Increases the skin’s water content

  • Improves skin plumpness

  • Nourishes deeply

  • Provides smoothness to the skin, reducing flaccidity

  • Strengthens the epidermal barrier[1]

Our innovation

Conservation of the molecular weight and its characteristics throughout the manufacturing process

Hyasep® Technology

This technology maintains sterility throught the manufacturing process, helping to preserve a high molecular weight.

Our Mesosynergy concept

Mesosynergy is a concept in which all elements are in perfect harmony and create a perfect synergy between all the elements that form part of it:

  • TKN HA 3 is the biotechnological equivalent of the skin.

  • The molecular weight is balanced with an adapted concentration.

  • TOSKANI Mesotherapy is perfectly combined with the most common medical-aesthetic treatments and adaptable to most medical-cosmetic devices.

Who are we?

Barcelona laboratory with a long pharmaceutical tradition and a presence in more than 65 countries.

TOSKANIMED was born with the desire to offer high-quality pharmaceutical solutions to aesthetic doctors and dermatologists.

Science and research are part of TOSKANI’s DNA. Therefore, the products are highly effective, safe and innovative.

1. Keen MA. Hyaluronic Acid in Dermatology. Skinmed. 2017 Dec 1;15(6):441-448. PMID: 29282181.
5. Asseptic media fill process

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